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Prof Judi Wakhungu Launches ENC new website

This afternoon Prof Judi Wakhungu Cabinet Secretary , Environment Natural Resources and Regional Development Authorities launches ENC new website at KWS Boardroom. During the launch she also launches Jim Justus Nyamu’s next campaign walk scheduled for March 2016 , this walk will start in Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam- Kampala in Uganda before finishing in Nairobi covering approximately 3200km. This campaign walk aims at bringing the three government organisation Kenya Wildlife Service, Tanzania National Park and Uganda Wildlife Authority together and forge a single mind and action in cross-border elephant .

The three countries have bore challenges due to their neighboring countries Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa that are enjoying the down listing of their elephant population from Appendix I to II giving them an opportunity to trade with live elephant and ivory trade. Either of these country is safe if they work alone due the cross-border elephant movement and thus they have to look into aspects of coming together politically, socially and now identify an integrated wildlife poaching and mechanism action plan.

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