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‘Gentle Giants’; Happy World Elephant Day!

World Elephant Day 2023

Today marks a special day in the field of conservation. The recognition brought to this ‘Gentle Giant’ is key in saving biodiversity, currently under threat in this critical time of climate change and its adverse effects. I am currently conducting my 16th Edition of Elephant Awareness Campaign Walks from Kenya through Uganda and Rwanda, culminating in DRC dubbed ‘Ivory Belongs to Elephants’.

This comes at a time where most of the regions I will be passing through have lost their elephants owing to poaching, loss of habitats, habitat degradation, and largely climate change effects. Significant populations of elephants have been eliminated by the severe drought conditions in the recent past in various parts of Africa including Kenya, bringing about massive population decline of elephants. As if not enough, this creature is targeted by the insatiable need of illegal traders to sell their tusks in the black market, driving elephants to extinction.

This mammal is embraced by many due to its similarities with mankind especially in family structure. Preserving elephants not only helps in conservation of ‘smaller’ wild animals but also the environment in which they inhabit. The theme for World Elephant Day 2023 is “a call to action to end illegal wildlife trade”. Let us save this enigma of an animal for posterity to allow for current and future generations to experience this magnificent creature.

Happy World Elephant Day!

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