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Jim Justus Nyamu recognised in DC USA

Jim Justus Nyamu ENC’s founder and Director was acknowledged on Oct 24th in Washington DC during the March for Elephants and Rhino. In her speech Ms Christina LaMonica founder of Ivory free Ohio recommend Jim’s works ” or those of you who do not know him, Jim has close to 20 years of experience as an Elephant Research Scientist and Conservationist and over the past two years Jim has walked over 6,000 miles across Kenya and United States. Jim walks and he talks with one simple message; “Ivory Belongs to Elephants”.
In 2013 while in the United States, Jim walked from Boston to Washington, DC (with Jen Samuel) educating Legislators, Universities, and Communities, before leading hundreds of supporters from Chinatown to the White House for the IMFE. Jim delivered a speech that encouraged us all to start walking the walk and talking the talk with anybody and educate them on what is happening to Elephants and Rhinos. Upon my return to Ohio, I made it my business to educate myself on Environmental Policy and Custodial Wildlife Management & Conservation, and with that; Ivory Free Ohio was born. I want you all to know that you have the power to be the change and to create the change within our communities. When you leave here today I encourage you to research legislation in your home state regarding the sale of ivory, rhino horn, and trophy hunting products. Reach out to your District Representative and District Senator and bridge the gap of communication by educating them on what is happening to our keystone species. This is not an African issue this is a human issue that requires bi-partisan participation. Don’t just talk about ending the trade; be the change that makes enacting legislation tangible in your states. Today, I invite you all to step forward and ask yourselves; “If not me then who? If not now, when?” Thank you all so much. Asante sana!

Third Annual Intl. March for Elephants in Washington DC – YouTube –