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Day 5 – 8th June 2016

The fifth day of the Ivory belongs to elephants E.A walk went well. I started the day by paying a courtesy call to KWS Kajiado County Warden in charge Mr.Korir and later to the Deputy County Commissioner Kajiado in their offices. I later visited Emotoroki where a man was trampled upon by an elephant sometime this year in April. Four elephants were speared in retaliation. It’s an area where residents are bitter about elephants and term them as destructive. I used to work in this area before and I have witnessed a lot of elephant movement from Amboseli. I even met rangers who worked with in me in 2005 and are still active in the field. However, things have changed drastically. The Acacia trees are gone thanks to the charcoal burning trade. Human activity is putting a lot of pressure on this fragile environment. I hope to go back after the walk for more discussions and look for solutions to the problems the people here are facing. Things can be done differently. We just have to find a way.‪ #‎StepWithJim