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Day 20 – 23rd JUNE 2016

I have so far covered 346Km

I’m elated to report yet another great day in the course of my walk. The day started off on an upward trajectory following the colorful flag off by the fastest walking DC in history of Ivory Belongs to Elephants .

The energetic and agile DC, set us up on a sound note by helping set pace for the 30Km to Hai,where we meet friends along the way as well as receiving good support from Tour companies in Tanzania.

It is quite encouraging witnessing the illustrious way in which Tanzanians are yearning to be part of this noble cause.

Their deep rooted belief that this campaign will bring total change in East Africa cannot be gainsaid.Its the support that is firmly etched in the core of our vision and mission.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to District Commissioner Wilson for giving us a police outrider for security as we walked. I cant thank him enough for the water he bought us,when the searing thirst was parching our insides.

The support I’m receiving from Tanzania is further fueling my resolve to keep waking until the great East Africa region knows the value of Ivory that exclusively belongs to the Elephant.

Commissioner of Hai

Flaggin off

great support from CREW

on the way to moshi

the journey continues