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Day 21 – 24TH JUNE 2016

I woke up to a bright morning with my team which was spiced up by a tree planting exercise at the Moshi Golf Club.

Every member of the team had a chance to mark the day by planting a tree,which is anchored in our mission to conserve the ecosystem by all means possible.

Later, we were joined by the District Commissioner of Moshi who extended the honor by flagging us off.

I had set out a healthy ambition to finish off at Chekereni which is approximately 27kms from Moshi. Unfortunately, I did not achieve the target for the day.

After 15 Kms ,my left leg was in so much pain that I couldn’t move an inch. I was grounded.

Ranger Wandera who often checks up on me, recommended that I take a well deserved short break pending observation and determination the problem. He resolved to bandage the whole leg ostensibly to straighten the sprained muscle and relieve the cutting pain.

Ranger Wandera’s magical bandage worked and felt better after a while. O summoned the determination to finish three remaining 12kms.Unfortunately ,I had to stop along the way and rest due to the pain.
I am now taking a stock as I rest while preparing for a major stride to finish off the remaining Kilometres. I will stop at nothing. The sprained muscles are just but temporary challenges to give me a time of reflection before launching out on a noble mission to to save our Elephants. I shall stop at nothing. I’m a mission. Step with me.


flaging off in Moshi

in moshi planting with supporter

in moshi planting


still enthusiastic