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Day 16 – 19TH JUNE 2016

After an incredible campaign that took us to the areas populated by wildlife, made a conscious choice to set apart this day for my team and I to relax and unwind after a whole 15 days of this walk.

Luckily,through Salim, a friend of mine, who has been walking with me every step of the way, got a nice place to put up for the weekend called Lilac Camp in Mto wa Mbu. As much as it was a day to rest,I dedicated this day to working on a few areas I felt needed my attention in terms of the walk program and the route.

It’s always exciting to meet people who share the same views and opinions in conservation.Mr. Aafeez our host is one of them.He was so kind to give his rooms in his facility for three days and offer us some nice dinner. It gave us an ample opportunity to reflect on the last 15 days inside Tanzania and strategize on sustained campaigns on key areas identified to be human wildlife hotspots.

I will be walking with Environment and Natural Resources Cabinet Secretary Professor Judy Wakhungu on Monday in Arusha and I’m so excited about it.

She had walked me before and she needs to add more kilometers on top of her 20 Kilometers account she opened in the previous walks.