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Day 15 – 18TH JUNE 2016

Today,I visited an area that is dear to my heart. It turned out to be a very emotional day as it evoked astounding memories still etched in my mind courtesy of some experiences awhile back.

I spent the afternoon at Ngorongoro Conservation Area in remembrance of my good friend late Lynne Leakey. Lynne passed on at Sopa Lodge Sept 2014, after spending a whole day with me in Nairobi.

I eulogised her today by planting a tree in her memory at the lodge and observed a moment of silence with my team . Lynn loved conservation and she consistently kept telling me that I had her support. She is among the few people who believe in me and the dream I had of saving our endangered elephants. Every time the going gets a bit tougher, I recall the kind words she told me and I get the strength and inspiration to keep the campaign going.

My greatest memory of her is how she always paid for a massage every time I’d finish a walk.She would do that as a way of preparing me for the next walk.I have so many fond memories of her that I can’t quite tell all.
Sometimes I can’t help but think she left us too soon as she still had some conservation work to finish. Her memory lives forever. I also intend to make a difference in my sphere.


I was delighted to meet my college lecturer Mr. Manonge,the chief conservator at Ngorongoro who allowed us to drive in the conservancy.

I was also elated to meet my college mate Peter who is now working at the Conservancy. These people contributed immensely to make my grassroots campaign inside Tanzania effective with great impact.