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Celebrating or Mourning Nairobi National Park!

Nairobi National Park is now 70 years old, many people talked about the exclusivity of this park due to the rare species therein. NNP is only 14km from Nairobi capital and is surrounded by competing land-use changes from industrial parks to commercial and individual developers.

In this park you will find the grave side (the remains of over 100tones of Ivory and rhino horns), this date back in 1989 when President Moi destroyed 12tonnes of Ivory, in 2015 and 2016 President Uhuru has burnt over 100 tonnes of the same species. All this has positioned this park to be a park of its own and have attracted so many personalities such as Secretary Kelly and President of Gabon among others in less than 2 years. NNP started getting publicity last year after the first stab to destroy the park was introduced by Government of Kenya, a section of the park was acquired during the road expansion and this was the first debauched action and setting unequivocal relic. This year we have seen a thespianism of words exchange after yet another big knockback in the name of electing or constructing the standard gauge railway through the same park we significance talk about it. There has been various discussion organized by different groups in saving the park from this destruction, If words and time spent discussing the park was to save this park we should have done it long time! I don’t even know if my words will make a difference! I have been listening and also participating in copious forums and you can realize the vexations beached by the SGR construction and the options. I feel perturbed by how this issue is handled and how conservation grievances are reserved.

I can testify that there is full support of the SGR, considering it as an up-to-date means of transport with little accidents so to say; nevertheless the SGR does not have to pass through or over the protected areas. Its appear like we have to remind concerned authorities some of the fundamentals that protects any given “ National Protected areas and even bio sphere gazetted areas “ in accordance to our Kenyan or International binding guidance. I am personally frustrated and it’s appeared like this is the same opinion from local, National and International conservationist having no strength to fight for the survival of the NNP despite the splendor conferred upon it. Its miffed.
There are rhetorical questions raised by most people and organizations; Are we sure that our President is briefed enough about the danger of constructing the SGR in the NNP? What is the justification behind the constructions? Why would KWS chairman support the SGR in the park and some how influence KWS? If we get at least an answer from any of the above questions we can join the chorale. I will not personally support the SGR in the park whatever comes and by whatever reason! Any economic scale cannot measure the value of the park and NNP is among them; it’s easy to relocate any manner of human settlement and development than a protected area that support an ecosystem that has a low resilience. Kenyans played a substantial position and censured Tanzania when they proposed to construct a road through Serengeti National Park some years back; most of the African countries look at what Kenyan say or do when it comes to conservation agenda! I recall our President personally declaring that “ Kenya is the light of Africa when it comes to conservation” which he demonstrates by disregarding the decision of not Bunning the 105 tonnes of Ivory and he was saluted by the staunch decision! I wish to pose a question here! Where are the people who advised and persuaded the Head of State?

I have walked over 9000km raising awareness on the plight of African elephants, in this altruistic walk I also urge communities, cooperate and authorities to support in mitigating the alarming conservation challenges that are attributed by mankind. Seeking of global supports towards elephant and habits conservation.

Let us remember the words of Late Prof Wangari Maitha “ Nature will charge us harshly “