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PRESS RELEASE – 12th July, 2018

PRESS RELEASE – 12th July, 2018

Jim Nyamu the Executive Director of the Elephant Neighbor Centre , embarks on a historic walk from Nairobi to Johannesburg to on a campaign to emphasize Elephant and Rhino conservation.
The historic walk dubbed East- Southern Africa Elephant Walk ,comes at time when the Elephant corridor is experiencing rapid depletion of Elephants due to enhanced market for Wildlife trophies in China,America and Europe.

The East -Southern Africa Elephant Walk will see Jim fondly known as the *elephant man* walk across seven countries of Kenya ,Tanzania , Malawi, Zambia ,Botswana and South Africa to sensitive Governments, Wildlife Authorities, Corporates, Diplomats, Non-Governmental Organizations, Local Governments and the people from all walks on the merits of Elephant conservation.

The walk will see Jim and the team of ten traverse the nook and cranny of East and Southern African region to ward off worrying trends of poaching, champion the ban of ivory trade and wildlife trophies, petition authorities and jurisdictions to legislate and enact stringent laws to curb poaching and sensitive communities living around wildlife to adequately conserve wildlife.
The seven countries are have been singled out due to it’s natural habitat for Elephants in the globe and propensity to lose the iconic wildlife through poaching and external interference.

Jim has walked over 12,000 kms in the three continents.
The Elephant Conservation Campaign has seen Jim walk from Mombasa to Nairobi, Meru to Nairobi, Nairobi to Marsabit.

Jim has also walked in eight States in the US including New York,Delaware, Washington, California, Rhode Island,Pensyvania ,New Jersey and Connecticut .

Regionally, The Elephant Neighbor Centre has taken its campaign to the three East African States of Kenya ,Uganda and Tanzania in the 3,200 KM Great East Africa Walk in 2016.
In 2017,Jim entered the annals of history for being invited to adress the House of Lords after successfully completing 370 KM London to Bristol Walk. London Walk was significant as it was a gateway to petition Europe to ban the market of Ivory trophies.

The four month East Southern Africa Walk seeks to bring the wolrd famous corridor together to ensure poaching is completely exterminated and the locals who are in constant close proximity realize and endeavor to conserve Elephant for posterity.

It is expected that Jim will make numerous stops every step of his way from Nairobi to Johannesburg to educate the public and authorities on the importance of the Elephants which are facing serious threats from poachers and other vagaries driving the numbers to an alarming red….