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London Elephant Walk -Press Release

October 3rd 2017


The walk begins at the Natural History Museum in the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea London on Sunday the 3rd of December with overnight stopovers in Windsor, Reading, Newbury, Swindon, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Gloucester (no overnight stop over), Stroud, Chippenham, Bath, and a brief stop in Yate and to finish at Council House College Green, Bristol City Centre on Tuesday December 12th. As we are aware Kenya celebrates Jamhuri Day on this date, on completion of the Great Walk Jim Justus Nyamu accompanied by the Lord Mayors will raise the Kenya National Flag at Council House City Hall.

On Sunday the 17th of December Jim will speak at the prestigious MTM Awards at the Bristol Marriott Hotel.

The rationale behind this walk is to raise awareness of the plight of African elephants and hope the United Kingdom stops the illegal domestic ivory market and join other nations to support the African Elephants Action Plan.

The recent survey shows that African elephants are declining at an alarming rate and there is a need to create regional, national and International awareness.

Jim Nyamu is the founder and the Executive Director for Elephant Neighbors Center. ENC is a local NGO in Kenya that focuses on enhancing the capacity of communities living with wildlife to promote inter-linkages between species and their habitats.

Kenya’s Elephant man and his team completed the latest edition of 617 km from Nairobi to Marsabit Walk for Elephants on May 9th, 2017.

The London to Bristol Walk is the second international walk Jim has undertaken, and this is only the beginning as we hope to partner Jim and carry the message across all countries that still engage in the Ivory trade. The London to Bristol Walk is the first in the UK and we plan to have many more in different parts of the country in the coming year.

We pray that the Kenya media will celebrate this great cause through the media channel and online for the benefit of those in the diaspora to support this Great cause.

Support this great cause through your media channel #StepWithJim on:

Please find details attached Walk Pack.
Many Thanks
Raffi Sheikh
Event coordinator
Ivory Belongs To Elephants 2017
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email: or call Raffi Sheikh on 07784 292392

The Great Walk is organised by The MTM Awards.
MTM Awards are a unique black-tie evening that celebrates the excellence & achievements of Asian, Black & Ethnic businesses and communities that strive excel and make a difference in respected fields.

Since inception in 2012, MTM Awards have honoured Businesses, Community & Charity Organisations, Community Champions, and Unsung Heroes.
We have recognised talent in Art, Music, and Media, Culture & Fashion and inspired Young Achievers & Sporting Heroes showcasing outstanding excellence and potential.

These are the people dedicated to enhancing equality and inclusion irrespective of faith, race or gender.
MTM is the only awards in the United Kingdom that include all Asian, Black & Ethnic communities. The awards provide nominees, guests and the business elite with the opportunity to engage with thriving local and national business, cultures and faiths spanning international waters, as well as those on our doorstep.
We have opened up opportunities and are known for giving a platform to communities. MTM celebrates ethnicity & diversity. Special Recognitions are awarded to businesses and communities other than the Asian, Black & Ethnic that work closely with these communities.

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