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Maasai Mara Elephant Walk Sept 24th-Oct 4th 2015

Maasai Mara Grass-root education & awareness elephant campaign walk schedule.


Mapping of the walk areas
Below are the routes that will be used for the walk however there will be drives to some areas to hold the community crusades considerations were made on hot spots for poaching, as stated below: Certain changes and clarifications were made on the routes kindly find here below.

23rd team shall spend at the KWS compound and in the evening a film shall be shown at the market.

Day 1: 24th September 2015;
Starting of the walk flag off will take place in Kilgoris at 8:30am in the market area, then proceed on to Mitingwar – Olmotonyi – Lolgorian team spends the night here suggested camp was KARI camp.

Day 2: 25th September 2015;
Lolgorian via Mara escarpments to Kawai – Olololoi – Mararianda these are hot spots and are walkable. The team spends at Oloololo gate) Anne Kent Taylor’s.

Day 3 and 4: 26th and 27thSeptember 2015;
Mararianda to Aitong to Lemek center back to (hotspot are Eldonyeringa, olesere, olkinyeri) a drive to Talek evening meetings will be held and team can spend at Oljoro, Mara Elephant project.

Day 4
Will be dedicated to visit churches in Talek and pass the campaign message.

Day 5: 28th September 2015;
Talek concentrating on Ngipilikuan and Emarti where the people are; drive to Sekenani then drive to Nkoilale since it is a market day.

Day 6:29th September 2015;
Ngoswani to Maji Moto then to Narosora

Day 7: 30th September 2015;
Narosora to Loita

Day 8: 1st October 2015;
Loita to Olposumaru to Morijo

Day 9:2nd October 2015;
Morijo to Naikara

Day 10: 3rd October 2015;
Naikara to Sekenani on this day a meeting could be set up for lodges’ staff.

Day 11: 4thOctober 2015;
Sekenani to ololaimutia on this day there will be a Global Elephant Walk so that will be the highlight and the last day of the walk; people shall also congregate at the primary school where the guest and community will be hosted. It was suggested that the CS to walk from the center to the school which is approximately 2kms. The meeting with the lodges and hoteliers will be held on that day.