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Giant Fall

Coming to term with the latest news from “African Elephant Giant nation Botswana”; I appreciate that there has been stern confab in identifying a coping mechanism on the increasing in elephant population across Southern African region; “I credit that decisions about wildlife management should be based on science rather than willful ignorance of it.” In my humble view I feel like the decision to lift the hunting of elephants was not well moored by scientific or other forms of scientific evidence; in the entire world of conservation we have never seen or witness such decision solving the underlying said contests.

The rationale behind lifting hunting include: “The number and high levels of human-elephant conflict and the consequent impact on livelihoods was increasing; Predators appear to have increased and were causing a lot of damage as they kill livestock in large numbers among others

I have been globally put to analysis this decision and this is what I feel;
• The government of Botswana would have consulted the African Elephant Range state; In Africa we have about 37 countries hosting at least 1,000 elephants and above and they play a central role in elephant conservation, lifting the ban on hunting will affect the continental elephant population not a single country or a region.
• Its time for African Elephant range states establish and enhance the “Regional integrated trans boundary approach”, elephants are known as long distance species and move from one country to another country. This validates why this trans boundary approach is very important and will discourage a decision from a single country. Invariably, they will offer space for these species as well as sharing synergy in tackling conservation challenges.
• If a population or any species seems increasing and may cause unprecedented challenges i.e. ecological or human conflict; a country or a region should consider translocations to the countries that have lost their elephants if only the said country (s) have collected the cause of species disappearance. Some countries have lost their elephants are now ready to can accommodate more elephants such countries includes Malawi, Uganda and Ethiopia among others.

I feel like Botswana Government is playing a devil advocate rule here! African leaders and policy makers have demonstrated conservation ignorance and need to be kindled up by a thrust! I have traversed in most of African countries and I can attest that our leaders have ignored science and instead have embraced unplanned infrastructural development targeting the protected areas. These developments are cash cows for most of these leaders for self-gain; and have stemmed in expansion of wildlife conflict between humans exasperating the negative attitudes from communities towards wildlife conservation.

By Jim Justus Nyamu- Elephant Conservations and cruder