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Day 8 – 11TH June 2016

I am now entering Tanzania after spending 7 days walking from Nairobi -Kitengela -Kajiado areas. Kajiado county hosts Amboseli National Park offering a fantastic and serene view of Mt Kilimanjaro. If there is a county that has changed over time its Kajiado : Land is changing hands and heavy development that includes residential estates coming up is evident all the way.

In late 2007 I would see Giraffes, Ostriches among others between Isinya and Namanga. Today it’s a pale shadow of its former self. The concrete jungle overlooking the great plains in the remarkable ecosystem habitat is one dominant sight. There is no better time to walk to raise awareness and engage the communities on the importance of preserving the magnificent wildlife that God bequeathed us. They have the power to make a difference. They only have to know how.

The East African Walk is necessary. Tanzania is embroiled in an intricate web of poaching that is threatening to deplete the existing wildlife. This is the main reason I’m taking the walk to the region.

The lasting solution to save the ecosystem is to consolidate the land especially for the local communities to have a large swathes that will allow the free roaming of the wildlife with the ecosystem to thrive.
The fragmentation of land into bits and pieces especially from the new private developers is compounding the problem of wildlife movement. Animals do not need visas. They do not recognize our borders. #‎StepWithJim