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DAY 2 – 5th June 2016

Today was a tough day. I was thinking about my family, my lovely wife and my two children, all through the walk. I attended the World Environment Day at Isinya and the MCA of the area of Kajaido said, “Chukua wanyama yenu na mtoke kwa shamba zetu”. He does not understand the importance of our work and how it affects his constituents in more ways than one. He also said, he will make sure that KWS have no presence in Kajaido as they are not effective. This is a clear sign of ignorance and at times it can get really frustrating when the so called leaders talk in this manner in front of residents who they were elected to lead. People are always ready to shoot the messenger. I felt humiliated but I will not tire. This is the reason, I have to keep on walking.