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Great London Elephant Walk

THE GREAT LONDON TO BRISTOL IVORY BELONGS TO ELEPHANT WALK 2017 WALKING TO SAVE ELEPHANTS#StepWithJim in the United Kingdom The Great London Elephants Walk this December 2017 in the UK starts from Kensington London to Council House College Green Bristol. The walk will take 10 days with overnight stopovers. Jim’s route for this Great Walk begins in the Borough of Kensington & Chelsea London on Sunday 3rd December with overnight stops in Windsor, Reading, Newbury, Swindon, Cirencester, and Cheltenham, passing through Gloucester, overnight stops in Stroud, Chippenham, and Bath, passing through Yate, Bristol Zoo and to finish at Council House College Green Bristol city centre on Tuesday 12th December.This walk is a continuation of Ivory Belongs To Elephants campaign that started in 2013; Jim has now walked 10,457km in the USA and across East Africa (Kenya- Tanzania- Uganda) and plans to walk 380km in Uganda in August/September 2017 (

The rationale behind this walk is to raise awareness of the plight of African elephants, lobby for British to close the illegal domestic ivory market and solicit the support for the implementation of African Elephant Action Plan. According to the African elephant Elephants database, South Africa region has the highest elephants population as of 2013 at 278,520.This population has declined from the 297, 718 figure of 2007 and expected to drop if poaching is not contained.The recent survey shows that African elephants are declining at an alarming rate and there is a need to create regional, national and International awareness.–-iucn-report.This is one of the reasons why Jim has decided to walk in United States, Europe and Asian countries so as to take this awareness campaign to international communities around the world.

The London to Bristol Walk is the second international walk Jim has undertaken, and this is only the beginning as we hope to partner Jim and carry the message across all countries that still engage in the Ivory trade. Support this great cause by sponsoring or walking #StepWithJim on: further details please contact:email: or call Raffi Sheikh on 07784 292392.