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Educate the Citizens

Donation Goal For This Project is $400,000
0% Donated/$400,000 To Go

enter has established a conservation education program in the buffer zone areas, initiating a network of youths, schools and professional. Basically these will apprise on why elephant conservation is indispensable and how it directly links with their livelihood, economy and environment. This message will be instrumental to educate the locals about the fruits of successful conservation. This program will be rolled out in March 2015 with a full fredged mobile education units in most of the areas we have walked.

Community are made aware on prevailing act, rules, and regulations, guidelines about buffer zone, park and poaching to avert them from illegal activities. The data collected will be disseminated through an establishment of community information centre. A mobile education program will be established showing wildlife and environmental films to primary, secondary schools and colleges as well as to the communities. Organized spots and awards programs will be establish that in returns will sensitize and create a good will to the elephant and habitats conservation.
We have participated in the two International Elephant Marches in USA 2013 and in Nairobi 2014.